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Pathelen Health Care AG is a Swiss biotech company that has developed innovative forms of therapy for the treatment and cure of various diseases in more than 8 years of research and development. Pathelen Health Care AG specializes in the fight against bacteria and multi-resistant germs.

Pathelen Hybrid is a product approved in Switzerland for the treatment of chronic wounds. The product is currently being rolled out at an international level. Pathelen Hybrid is able to remove the biofilm in chronic wounds without impeding wound healing. This is a worldwide novelty and the USP of Pathelen Hybrid. The elimination of the biofilm is the biggest challenge in the treatment of chronic wounds.

Pipeline with fully developed products:

  • Pathelen Gel for the aftercare of chronic wounds
  • PHC suspension for the treatment of cystitis with multi-resistant germs
The company has built a stable and diversified product pipeline with effective active ingredients. These demonstrate the potential for new treatment options in dermatology, surgery and urology.