The battle
against wound bacteria

...or the battle against wound bacteria.

The main requirements for wound healing are a sufficient blood circulation at the wound and reducing and controlling its wound bacteria. For any bacteria, wounds are a preferred playground. In the right environment bacteria can double in quantity every 20-30 minutes. As long as proliferation of bacteria is not under control, wounds won’t heal.

If the immunity system of a patient is strong enough and /or the wound bacteria are not antibiotic resistant a good debridement and traditional wound treatment including an oral / systemic intake of antibiotics are “doing the job”.

As statistics show, around 70% of wounds are being healed within the first 180 days. However, the remaining “hard-to heal” wounds can´t be treated with antibiotics in the traditional way either due to the immunity system of the affected person not being strong enough and / or the bacteria being antibiotic resistant.

Evidence for this is 2-4 million chronic wounds in Germany alone, with around 20% of wounds being older than 2 years.


It uses a completely different strategy to defeat wound bacteria.

Local physical adsorption vs. systemic antibiotic destruction

As it turns out, it is more efficient to physically adsorb bacteria and hinder bacteria from growing through a topic (local) treatment with our silica based sorbent Pathelen® than to systemically treat wounds with antibiotics in order to destroy wound bacteria.

In addition . . .

typical side effects of wound infections such as pain, odor, and exudates will be reduced or completely resolved within days due to the adsorption of toxic substances and a reduced level of necrotic tissue in the wound.

As a result PAWT not only accelerates wound healing and succeeds to heal even “hard-to-heal” wounds by keeping wound bacteria under control but also significantly improves the quality of life for our patients.

The wound care treatment is based on a drug device combination, which has been specifically designed and developed for the treatment of multi resistant bacteria (such as MRSA) in open wounds.

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