Treatment for antibiotic resistance in wounds


PATHELEN® Hybrid is a wound powder which contains both hydrophilic and hydrophobic silicas in a highly porous structure. Through capillary action, these silicas act to irreversibly adsorb wound exudative material (including bacterial toxins) to the upper surface of the layers of the powder from where it effectively evaporates.

PATHELEN® Hybrid thus “de-toxifies” and cleans the wound.

PATHELEN® Hybrid is not antibacterial but withdraws water from a bacterial biofilm, disrupting its structure and allowing the host’s immune system to gain entry and destroy the micro-organisms present.

Due to its mode of action, PATHELEN® Hybrid is able to treat a WIDE range of acute and chronic wounds.

PATHELEN® Hybrid is a Medical Class I Device (CE) registered with SWISSMEDIC and the United States FDA.